So what is a designer weekend??

So what is a Designer Weekend? 

A Designer weekend is where Sarah Elizabeth Bridal Boutique will have a full collection of a certain designers wedding dresses.

It enabels brides who LOVE a particular designer, to see many of their pieces in one place at one time without having to travel or worrying that they haven’t seen a gown in person prior to commiting to the one they buy.

 So what are the benefits of attending a designer weekend?

As well as being able to see many gowns of a particular designer, the designer weekend is also an ‘event’ at the boutique and often we have incentives such as 10% discount off purchases including  accessories. 

Is it for me? 

I would advise coming to a designer weekend if you specifically LOVE the designer, if you are close to choosing ‘the one’ and if you are wanting to invest in one of the designers gowns. If you are just starting out on your wedding dress journey, it may be worth while doing a little research on the designer and choose say 3 or 4 from the collection that you would like to try on.

It may also be worth a visit prior to the designer weekend to ‘browse’ the collection so you can take a look at what beautiful pieces we already have in the boutique.


What do I need to do to attend the designer weekend? 

We are offering all brides who get in touch, an ‘appointment only’ space for one and a half hours. We will dedicate this time to you exclusively so that you can try on and choose your gown in a relaxed, friendly and private environment. To make an appointment, please either call 01242 257103 or email