QUIZ ALERT !! Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette!

Choosing a wedding dress is a combination of picking a gown that fits right, goes with your wedding style, and is a reflection of the best version of you! How do you know what dress is best? With endless options in silhouettes like ball gownmermaidA-linesheath, and empire, the options can get overwhelming. But have no fear: Our foolproof quiz is here to the rescue! Answer each of the questions, scroll down, and find out the perfect wedding dress silhouette for you!

Who is your style icon?
a. Jennifer Lawrence
b. Sofia Vergara
c. Kate Middleton
d. Adele
e. Sarah Jessica Parker

What is your go-to piece of clothing to feel good?
a. A button-up, chambray shirt
b. Sky-high stilettos
c. Perfectly-tailored pants
d. A sundress
e. Faux-fur vest

Pick a Disney princess
a. Belle
b. Ariel
c. Mulan
d. Cinderella
e. Aurora

Choose a dream wedding venue
a. Disney World
b. Palace of Versailles
c. St. Barths
d. Napa
e. Plaza Hotel

What most closely describes your body type?
a. Busty
b. Hourglass
c. Long and lean
d. Plus-size
e. Petite

The Results
If you picked mostly a’s: You should wear a ball gown wedding dress. Typically seen as the most classic of wedding dress silhouettes, this is also most friendly to brides with big busts. Even if you’re smaller on top, this style is very “princess-y” when paired with an updo and high heels. It’s the quintessential Belle dancing with the Beast look! But wearing your hair down and selecting a gown with a more-relaxed skirt or some trendy beading on the bodice will make you feel like J.Law — modern and feminine, all at the same time.

If you picked mostly b’s: You should wear a mermaid wedding dress. This is one of the most popular silhouettes, and is often seen with modifications like a trumpet skirt (a more gradually flared-out skirt below the knee) or a fit-and-flare style (the skirt flares just past the hips). With more volume below the waist, a mermaid dress is perfect for brides with hourglass shapes that want to nip in their waists on their wedding day. Mermaid gowns usually have embellishments and ruching, making them perfect for formal events.

If you picked mostly c’s: You should wear an A-line wedding dress. A-line skirts skim over the hips and butt, making it a favorite of plus-sized brides. If you’ve admired Adele’s style, it’s because it’s slightly retro, versatile, and always flattering — just like A-line dresses, which the superstar often wears! This gown is great for every kind of wedding, especially ones held outdoors at a vineyard venue.

If you picked mostly d’s: You should wear a sheath wedding dress. Sheaths are simple, sleek, and so-very stylish. Kate Middleton loves them for the way they elongate her already-tall and skinny figure. Similarly-shaped brides, and any gal longing for a dress that is high on glamour and low on fuss should slip into a sheath gown. They work well for casual weddings, beach weddings, and even black-tie weddings if you chose a lace or beaded look.

If you picked mostly e’s: You should wear an empire-waisted wedding dress. This silhouette first gained popularity in the late eighteenth century (think Napoleon and Jane Austen). Today, petite brides love it because the high waist elongates the rest of their body, giving the illusion of long legs. Sarah Jessica Parker often dresses her petite figure with this style, Empire-waisted wedding dresses come in a variety of necklines (one-shoulder, strapless, sweetheart, the list goes on) and just like SJP, they’re iconic.

This fun Quiz was taken from the fabulous website – www.brides.com !