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Noel Hibbert – Cotswold Pictures Expert Advise:

Being a photographer, it seems obvious that I’m going to explain why it is that photographers charge what they do. I saw a slogan on a Sailor Jerry rum t-shirt the other day – it said: “Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good.” It seems apt and in this instance, it is true to a certain extent. Photographers are not cheap for an extensive list of reasons: not least, they need the equipment to get the best shots (good quality lenses are expensive), especially to get the range of images you may require. The photographer will put in many hours (not just on the wedding day) and will be on their feet for long hours from start to finish, all with the added pressures of having to work quickly, constantly organising and thinking about creative and technical direction, especially with the nature of UK weather and varying venues. Plus, at most weddings, time is of the essence, so capturing your perfect shots needs good management skills and the ability to adapt – remember, they only get one chance.

Be flexible with your budget if you want to receive the icing on your wedding cake. I feel a lot of people don’t realise the true cost of photographers until you turn to Google to start the search for your memory documenter. Traditional advice has been to spend 10-15 percent of your total budget on your photography, but you will inevitably prioritise what is important to you. Generally, people spend most of their budget on the venue, food and drink, then the dress and so on, all of which are very important as they will make your photographs on the day. However, it’s the photographs that will be your lasting memories for life, so it’s important to select a photographer for their work and not just the cost. The last thing you would want to end up with is poor, disappointing photographs at the end of incredible day, so here are a few tips:

 1. Shortlist two or three photographers that offer packages in your price range and in the style you would like. Arrange to meet them face to face. Don’t select your final photographer until you have seen a few, so you can get a good comparison, unless you are very happy with their work and what they can provide you with.

2. Ask to see a complete portfolio as this will allow you to see the extent of their capabilities and creativeness. Photographers will only showcase their finest shots on websites, so this will give you an idea of the consistency of their work. 

3.  Consider what their packages include for the price. Most photographers will offer two or more packages, all with varying times, products and copyright restrictions; this should help you decide with your budget. 

4. I cannot stress enough (as mentioned in my first point) you must meet them in person. You will be spending your special day with them sharing intimate moments, so it’s a good idea to make sure you can get along with them and feel relaxed and comfortable, allowing you to have fun so you can get the natural photographs you are after.

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Noel Hibbert  has been a wedding photographer for 5 years and a photographer for over 25 after been handed his first film camera by his father. Based in Cheltenham, he covers weddings all over the UK, but most of his work centres in the Cotswolds and the south-west. He specialises in a very relaxed form of documentary or reportage wedding photography. Included in booked wedding packages Noel also offers a pre wedding shoot, perfect for save the date cards or wedding invites and is a great way to get used to the camera prior to your wedding day. Noel is also the Art Editor of Photography Monthly magazine and contributes to two other photography titles on a regular basis.

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